Ventilation and Extraction

Commercial kitchen ventilation & extraction

The commercial kitchen is a high-heat, hostile environment. We’ll ensure your ventilation and extraction system is up to the task and conforms to DW172.


The important role of your ventilation system is designed to meet current regulation and legislation. Eliminating high levels of heat, smoke and any toxic fumes giving a safe and comfortable working environment.


Make no mistake, your ventilation and extraction systems must be up to the challenge.

We not only ensure compliance to all health and safety legislation and insurance regulation, we also manufacturer, design and install the most energy-efficient products possible. Such as offering heater batteries within your air in system to heat the fresh air being bought back into the kitchen, especially helpful in the cold winter months.


Our fire suspension systems meet or exceed the demands of insurance firms and they can also help you get your kitchen back up and running sooner rather than later, by suffocating the fire before it can leave too much damage in its path.


This is a stress-free, turnkey service of fully designed compliant ventilation and extraction. Reducing the risk of fire and putting a concrete contingency in place should a fire break out.


Ventilation, extraction and fire suppression systems – how can we help?

Get in touch with our team. Call us on 01206 795 327 or send us an email via sales@totalcatering.co.uk and we’ll be back in touch within 2 working days.